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Clark Hill Wounded Warrior Tournament

Saturday, May 30th
Clark Hill Lake, Dorn Fishing Facility
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Members accumulate points for a "No Entry Fee" Championship Tournament.

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$150 Entry (includes Big Striper)
$200 TWT Side Pot (Winner Take All)

We are looking for boat captains willing to take a Wounded Warrior out in this tournament.   Please contact Pam Turner at 864-915-2094 for more information.

We are also looking for sponsors for the wounded warriors.  $200 takes a Wounded Warrior out with a Captain in the Tournament and funds the prizes exclusive to the Wounded Warriors.

Updated Point List 2015

2015 SBCC Tournament Schedule

November 15th - Lake Murray
January 10th - Lake Hartwell
March 21st - Lake Murray
April 25th - Lake Lanier
May 30th - Clark Hill (Wounded Warrior Tournament also)

Championship - Nov 13-14th- Lake TBD

These dates/lakes are subject to change if we can't get the permits. Final Schedule will be updated as soon as we get the permits back.

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