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2014 Championship Tournament

Friday & Saturday, Nov 14th & 15th
Lake Murray, Acapulco Landing

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This is a no entry fee tournament for those who qualified during the 2014 season.

Lake Murray Saturday Tournament  - Saturday, Nov 15th
Tournament #1 for the 2015 Season!

Lines in the water time both days - 7:00 am
Lines out of the water both days - 3:00 pm
Must be checked by 4:00 pm both days.

Click Here to Enter!

2014 Championship Qualifying Teams
The following teams are automatically entered into the Championship 2-day tournament.  If you wish to enter the Saturday Tournament that is the first tournament for 2015 Season  - You must click enter above.

1.  Hedrick, Rob; Gilmore, Wes, Bait Hooked ,

2.  Baire, Bryan; Cook, Van; Barely Time 
3.  Green, Mike ; White, Ryan; Bell, Randy; Bell, RJ Fishers-of-Men 
4.  Brown, Micah; Lundy, Mike; Team Underarmor
5.  Morse, Kevin; Morse, Charles; Morse Keith; Striper Hyper
6.  Bragg, Chip; Downie, Seth - Sea-N-Stripes
7.  Barton, Tim; Fulmer, Rocky , Live Action ,
8.  Crawford, Mark , Price, Ray; Price, Adam; Price, Tyson  Team Stihl
9.  Richardson, David; Richardson, Tommy; Richardson, Tristan; 
      Richardson, Jamie,  Laid Back
10.  Wessinger, Townsend; Team Rocky Bottom
11.  Foster, Shane; Alan Boggs,  Stripers Unlimited ,
12.  Brooks, Justin; Knight, Stephen; 
13.  Griswold, Mike
14.  Brandon, Dwayne; Dover, Randy; Reel Work
15.  Turner, Warren; Wright, Ryan; Watford, Ryan; Frady, Craig;
        Team Hiz Witness
16.  McLauchlin, Otho; McLauchlin, Rex; Team Mac-Mac ,
17.  Lindley, Tommy; Williams, Evan
18.  Johnson, Anthony; Team Bushwacker 
19.  Swinsberg, Jonathan; Eric Belfield ; Overdue Crew
20.  Reel, Shane; Weaver, Kenny; Two Eyes Down
21.  Robb, Sidd
22.  Pearson, Rocky; Pearson, Dusty; Stanley, Charlie; Twelve Pulls

2015 SBCC Tournament Schedule

November 15th - Lake Murray
January 10th - Lake Hartwell
March 28th - Lake Murray
April 25th - Lake Lanier
May 30th - Clark Hill (Wounded Warrior Tournament also)

Championship - Nov 7-8th - Lake TBD

These dates/lakes are subject to change if we can't get the permits. Final Schedule will be updated as soon as we get the permits back.

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